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You Invest, We handle the rest!

Launch Your Amazon / Facebook Store with Ease:
The Done-For-You Solution

Your ECommerce Store Completely Managed by Us - No Work from You!

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Get a first-hand look at the real-world results we've achieved for our satisfied clients.

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Client Case Studies Videos 

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  • How do I start an automated e-commerce store with K.I Automation?
    To partner with us, it requires an initial investment and working capital to grow the store. We work with people who have a good income or financial standing and want to get into or grow in the online world. If that's you, please book a consultation using the link above to begin!
  • How much does it cost to start?
    Choose from three options to fit your needs and budget: Enterprise Package: For $19,997, enjoy a 70/30 profit share with an Amazon store + a Facebook Shop. Amazon Store: For $14,997, receive a 70/30 profit share Facebook Shop Package: For $7,500, get a 70/30 profit share until your initial investment is recouped then 60/40 profit share.
  • How much can i expect to make?
    Facebook Shops offers you the potential to earn on average $500-$3,000 monthly with margins ranging from 15-40% per sale. On the other hand, your earnings with Amazon will depend on the amount of capital you have available, with the potential to make 1.5-2 times the amount of capital you have in sales, and margins of 8-30%.
  • How often do i get paid?
    Facebook Shops: Enjoy daily payouts, with payments made 3-5 days after a customer's order is delivered. Amazon: Expect bi-weekly payments to keep your cash flow steady and on track.
  • How does the process work?
    Phase 1: Identifying Winning Products - We use market research and data analysis to find products that are in high demand and already being searched for by customers. Phase 2: Listing Your Products - Once we've identified the best products for your store, we'll handle all the work to get them listed on Facebook or Amazon. Phase 3: Managing Orders - Sit back and relax as the orders start rolling in. We'll handle all the workload, from customer communication to order fulfillment, so you can focus on your other endeavors.
  • Do i need to spend money on ad costs?
    We don’t require any ad spend. We can run ads for you to scale your business but it is not necessary.
  • Do we offer credit repair and funding?
    Yes, of course! We have an in-house credit repair/funding team and will not charge for the service once initial investment for ecom store is completed.
  • Is there any other fees to pay other than initial investment?
    No, there aren't any other upfront fees that are needed after the initial investment. The only other fees required are the monthly profit splits.
  • Can I use credit cards to scale the business?
    Yes, you can use credit cards to operate this business. This card will be used to fulfill orders for Facebook and Amazon stores. We recommend using credit cards that offer unique perks. Use the cards that will get you the most travel points!
  • What products will my store sell?
    We sell a variety of everyday items like tools for home improvement, cool gadgets, and clothes. Our products are suitable for everyone – we don't sell anything offensive or related to drugs or adult content.
  • How do returns work?
    When a customer asks for a return, our team will provide them with a return label to send the product back to its source. We aim to make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible for our clients.
  • Why do you need me if you can do it yourself?
    Facebook and Amazon have a policy of only allowing one account per person, and sometimes only one address. By teaming up with you, we can use our know-how to grow and scale our business within these platforms' guidelines. As well as capital, The more clients that we partner with the more we can scale with everyone!
  • How long does the setup process take?
    It can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to get everything up and running.
  • Can I pause my stores if they are growing too fast?
    Yes, If you're running out of working capital and waiting for payouts we can put your stores on vacation mode.
  • How much working capital should I need?
    We recommend our clients have at least a $10k in working capital. Of course the more the better!
  • How long does it take to get a return on investment?
    You can anticipate getting a return on your investment in about 18-24 months. However, keep in mind that each store and investing partner is unique, so your actual results might be different.
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