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You Invest, We handle the rest!

Launch Your Amazon FBA / Facebook Store with Ease:
The Done-For-You Solution

Your ECommerce Store Completely Managed by Us - No Work from You!

Fill Out The Application:

Get a first-hand look at the real-world results we've achieved for our satisfied clients.

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Client Case Studies Videos 

Check out our YouTube channel for more client results videos!


  • How much can i expect to make?
    Facebook Shops offers you the potential to earn on average $500-$3,000 monthly with margins ranging from 15-40% per sale. On the other hand, your earnings with Amazon will depend on the amount of capital you have available, with the potential to make 1.5-2 times the amount of capital you have in sales, and margins of 8-30%.
  • How much does it cost to start?
    Choose from three options to fit your needs and budget: Enterprise Package: For $14,997, enjoy a 70/30 profit share with Amazon FBA, and your free Facebook Shop. Premium Package: For $11,997, receive a 60/40 profit share with Amazon FBA Standard Package: For $9,997, get a 50/50 profit share with Amazon FBA Facebook Shop Package: For $7,500, get a 70/30 profit share until your initial investment is recouped then 60/40 profit share. * Please note that some packages have a yearly renewal fee. Please watch the intro video above to confirm the amount *
  • How often do i get paid?
    Facebook Shops: Enjoy daily payouts, with payments made 3-5 days after a customer's order is delivered. Amazon: Expect bi-weekly payments to keep your cash flow steady and on track.
  • How does the process work?
    Phase 1: Identifying Winning Products - We use market research and data analysis to find products that are in high demand and already being searched for by customers. Phase 2: Listing Your Products - Once we've identified the best products for your store, we'll handle all the work to get them listed on Facebook or Amazon. Phase 3: Managing Orders - Sit back and relax as the orders start rolling in. We'll handle all the workload, from customer communication to order fulfillment, so you can focus on your other endeavors.
  • Do i need to spend money on ad costs?
    We don’t require any ad spend. We can run ads for you to scale your business but it is not necessary.
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